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PUR Cleaners

Duplo Easyload PUR Cleaner Cartridges

  • Compatible only with Duplo UB2000 and UB2100 Binders
  • 1 Box Contains 6 Cartridges
  • Each Cartridge Can be Used Multiple Times
  • Cleans & Protects the Pipework & Nozzle
  • Should be Used Daily to Prevent PUR Residue Build Up
  • Need a More Heavy Duty Cleaner – See Technomelt Red PUR Cleaner Candle
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Duplo Easyload PUR Cleaner Cartridges suitable for use with the Duplo Ultrabind 2000 and 2100 PUR Binders Only. Easy screw on format specially designed for use on the Duplo Ultrabind 2000 & 2100 PUR binders.

Each Duplo Easyload PUR Cleaner cartridge contains blue wax cleaner and can flush the entire system. Each of the cartridges can be used multiple times. On each purge you only use a small amount of the cleaner which can be removed and re-used until the cartridge is empty. This product is designed as a preventative measure and should be used daily. The wax cleaner prevents PUR Glue build up inside the pipework and nozzle of your binder. After each use all remaining PUR Glue (White) should be purged from the system using the blue cleaner cartridges. Purge until the Blue Cleaner comes through the nozzle as pure blue without any white showing.

Failure to use the cleaner on a regular basis can result in damage to the nozzle and pipework.

If you are looking to remove a more severe blockage on your PUR Binder then you will need the Technomelt Red PUR Cleaner Candle.


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