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PUR Cleaners

Technomelt PUR Cleaner

  • Technomelt PUR Cleaner – Red Wax Candle
  • Compatible with All Types of PUR Binder
  • Sold as a 1.4kg Candle Only
  • Removes Cured & Uncured PUR Residue
  • Suitable for Use in Pre-Melters
  • Should be Used Annually as Part of a Rigourous Service Routine
  • Need a Daily Cleaner – See Pure Melt PUR Cleaner Pellets
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Technomelt RED Wax PUR Cleaner Candles are a heavy duty all in one cleaner agent. These are used for cleaning melting tanks, pumps, tubes and pipes as well as application units. This product removes cured and uncured polyurethane hotmelt (PUR) as well as carbonised hotmelt residues.

Unlike the Blue Wax Cleaner Pellets which are designed for daily use to protect and seal the PUR systems. This Technomelt Red PUR Cleaner offers a stronger formula for an aggressive clean down of your PUR Binder. This product is more commonly used within the Service Industry to remove cured PUR. It is also commonly used to remove blockages or a restrictions within the PUR system. It can be used on all PUR Binders, with and without pre-melters.

This product is designed for a strip down annual service clean and is an extra preventative measure for use by a trained maintenance engineer. For best results, the Red Wax Cleaner should be purged through the system and left to react with any remaining cured PUR residue over a 24 hour period. It is designed to react and aggressively remove stubborn blockages and is ideal for heavily used machinery due a full strip down service.

Use in conjunction with the Pure Melt Cleaners to extend the life of your machine.

Failure to use the cleaner on an Annual Basis can result in damage to the nozzles, application rollers and pipework.

If you are looking for standard daily cleaner you will require the Pure Melt Cleaner Pellets.


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