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Plastic Coil Binding

Renz TCB Professional Coil Cut & Crimp System

  • High Speed Professional Coil Cutting & Crimping System
  • Cut & Crimps up to 350 Coils Per Hour
  • Electrically or Pneumatically Operated Action
  • Cuts & Bends (Crimps) Both Ends of the Coil Simultaneously
  • Longer Bend on Coil Edges Gives Stronger Bind
  • Guarantees a Perfect Coil Bind Every Time
  • Off Cut Tray Under the Machine Collects Coil Off Cuts
  • Durable Heavy Duty Coil Insertion Device
  • Binds Documents up to 400 Sheets
  • Compatible with 6mm to 50mm Binding Coils
  • Bind A4, A5, & Short Edge A3 Documents
  • Combines with Renz TKB to Create an all in One Coil Inserting, Cutting & Crimping Station
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The Renz TCB (Total Cut & Bend) is a professional coil cutting & crimping solution. It is the ideal partner to the Renz TKB enabling high-speed production of coil-bound documents. The TCB simultaneously cuts and crimps both ends of a plastic coil to complete the coil binding process. Compatible with a wide range of coil diameters from 6mm to 50mm. This is the only machine capable of cutting and crimping this range of coil diameters using the same crimping heads. Additionally, the TCB can cut and crimp in lengths exceeding 430mm, making it ideal for larger documents such as A3 landscape.

Setup is quick and simple thanks to the intuitive design. A five step setup guide is printed on the machine – nothing could be simpler. Whilst operation is as simple as pressing a foot pedal, the TBC cuts and bends the coil to produce a perfect coil bound document. Available in two operational formats, electrically operated and pneumatically operated. The latter of the two is the preferred choice as it allows for a longer dwell time on the final crimp. Thus giving the coil more opportunity to shape correctly.  As standard the TCB can cut and crimp coils up to 50mm.

Designed for medium to high volumes of PVC coil book production. The TCB is the perfect partner to a commercial bindery, corporate print room or further education facility looking to speed up coil binding production. Combined with the Renz TKB you can create perfect coil bound documents with the minimum of effort. The TKB can also be placed on top of the TCB to create an all in one coil inserting, cutting and crimping station.

Why Renz?

High-quality, adaptable German engineered systems for any loose-leaf punching or binding style. Renz manufacturer state of the art punching, binding and laminating systems, from desktop to high output automated line equipment. Renz machines will make it easier to keep jobs in-house, allowing you to maintain a quick turnaround and maximise your return on investment.

Decades of experience designing and manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. Recognised as the leading manufacturer in the punching and binding industry.

5 Reasons to Buy a Renz TCB Professional Coil Cut & Crimp System

  • Cuts and crimps both ends of the binding coils simultaneously
  • Highly productive coil binding system – Produces up to 350 coil bound books per hour
  • Compatible with all coil diameters from 6mm to 50mm
  • No tools required for size changeover
  • Combines perfectly with the Renz TKB to create a complete coil binding station

Typical Applications – Renz TCB Professional Coil Cut & Crimp System

  • Financial Reports
  • Company Minutes
  • Tender Documents
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Student Diaries
  • Punching Operation – Does not have a punching ability
  • Binding Operation – Electric or Pneumatic
  • Pitch – All common
  • Max Binding Width – 430mm
  • Min Binding Width – 140mm
  • Binding Thickness – 3.5 – 41.0mm
  • Binding Elements – 6 to 50mm
  • No of Books Per Hour – 350
  • Time Required for Diameter Change – 1 Minute
  • Compressed Air – 80Psi (Pneumatic Model only)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 710 x 410 x 305mm
  • Weight – 18kgs
  • Power Requirement – 220V – 180W


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