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Comb Binding

Renz DTP340A Modular Binding Machine

  • Fast & Reliable Semi-Automated Punch
  • Optic Sensor Automatically Detects Paper
  • Punched Sheets are Ejected Automatically into Delivery Tray
  • Punching Dies to All Binding Styles – Wire, Coil, Comb, Calendar & 2/4 Hole Punch
  • Highly Productive Punch System – Punches a Wide Range of Mixed Stocks
  • Foot Pedal Operation of Punch Tool for Awkward Stock Types
  • Punches up to 36,000 Sheets Per Hour
  • Compatible with Size 4 to Size 24 Binding Wires, Side 6 to 50mm Plastic Combs & 6 to 24mm Coils.
  • Selectable Punching Pins on all Die Tools
  • Punch & Bind A4, A5, & Short Edge A3 Documents
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Alliance Package Included


The Renz DTP340A is a high-performance semi-automated punching solution. Interchangeable tooling makes it perfect for tall types of book and calendar production. Capable of punching up to 36,000 sheets per hour thanks to the unique semi automated operation and 3.5mm punch capacity.

An optic sensor automatically detects the sheets and activates the punch cycle. Once punched the paper is pushed onto a stacking tray on the right side of the machine. Foot pedal operation is also available if required. Ideal for non-standard paper sizes or awkward materials.

This one machine can punch virtually all common binding patterns. These include Wire, Plastic Coil, Comb, 2/4 hole punching and Calendars. Exchanged in under 1 minute, the punch tools simply unlock and lift out of the machine. The QSA (quick select adjustment) allows individual punch pins to be deactivated further improving flexibility.

The Renz DTP340A has all the features you would expect from Renz. Functional and easy to use with heavy-duty all steel construction. Reliable electronic punching mechanism with an impressive punch capacity of up to 35 sheets.

The DTP340A is the perfect solution for any Commercial Printer, Print Shop, Corporate Office, College or University.



Why Renz?

High-quality, adaptable German engineered systems for any loose-leaf punching or binding style. Renz manufacturer state of the art punching, binding and laminating systems, from desktop to high output automated line equipment. Renz machines will make it easier to keep jobs in-house, allowing you to maintain a quick turnaround and maximise your return on investment.

Decades of experience designing and manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. Recognised as the leading manufacturer in the punching and binding industry.

5 Reasons to Buy a Renz DTP340A

  • Semi-Automated operation with optic paper recognition
  • Produce, Wire, Plastic Coil, Comb & Calendars all on one machine.
  • Heavy duty construction & compact design
  • Impressive punch capacity of 3.5mm or 35 sheets per cycle
  • Punches up to 36,000 sheets per hour

Typical Applications – Renz DTP340A

  • Financial Reports
  • Company Minutes
  • Tender Documents
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Calendar Production
  • Punching Operation – Electrically Powered via Sensor or Foot Pedal
  • Closing Operation – Separate Machine – Recommend Renz ECL360
  • Punch Dies Available – 3:1, 2:1 Wire, Calendar with Thumb Cut, Plastic Coil, 2/4 Hole Punch
  • Max Punching/Binding Width – 360mm
  • Min Punching/Binding Width – 10mm
  • Selectable Punch Pins (QSA) – Yes All Tools
  • Variable Margin Depth – Yes
  • Punching Capacity – 3.5mm
  • Mechanical Cycles Per Hour – 1,200
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 880 x 640 x 380mm
  • Weight – 53kgs
  • Power Requirement – 230V AC – 300W

Introducing our unique Alliance Package. Our support does not cease once we make the sale or agree on a deal. At AfterPrint Ltd we are unique; our aim is to develop long-term business relationships that ensure you return to buy again when the time comes.

To ensure we are offering the most comprehensive package all of our Digital Finishing Solutions come complete with our unique Alliance Service Package. This package ensures your new purchase is taken care of correctly from day 1 and throughout your ownership of the product, to do this we include:


  • A Pre-Delivery Inspection is conducted on every machine prior to shipment
  • A site survey will be conducted prior to shipping to ensure the delivery goes smoothly
  • Specialist instrument logistics companies with freight insurance are used for delivery
  • All deliveries are completed with Tail-Lift equipped vehicles & a minimum two-person team
  • Customers are offered suitable timed delivery slots with a 2 Hour delivery window


  • Our Installation Team will arrive at an agreed time to complete the installation (Normally on the same day as the delivery unless otherwise specified)
  • The installation team will complete a thorough check of all processes and operations of the machine against the PDI checklist
  • If the machine has been split into smaller components for delivery, the installation team will re-build the machine onsite
  • Standard installation is ground floor with direct access, splitting the machine and re-building will not incur extra charges
  • Installations required on upper floors will require lift access or extra charges will be incurred. All charges will be made clear and agreed upon before the installation date.


  • Training will be conducted by our trained and certified Specialist Training Team
  • Training includes Best Working Practices for Safe Operation, General Operation, Punch Tool Changeover, Tool Settings, Binding Techniques
  • All trained operatives will be issued with an official training certificate from our Certified Trainers (Certificates are created and posted within 7-10 days of training completion)
  • Training is completed in small groups of up to three people maximum
  • Training is normally completed on the same day as the installation

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

  • Manufacturer Warranty on all parts from the date of installation
  • All Manufacturer warranties do not include labour, travel or identifying of parts (See Service Section)

12 Month Alliance Service Benefits

  • 20% Discount on All Parts (Discount will be taken from Standard UK Sales Price of each Part)
  • Direct Technical Team Access on the first phone call to discuss the fault (this will speed up any part requirements and offer a solution if possible that the operator can implement)
  • Guaranteed next day appointment for an engineer to be onsite (Technical team will allocate during the initial phone conversation and confirm)
  • Technical Team will identify if parts could be needed to resolve the issue, parts will be dispatched the same day so the engineer can meet parts on-site and perform the repair
  • Parts will only be requested for payment once the parts are fitted and the machine is operational (All parts will be paid on account)
  • 3 Month Warranty on all parts we fit (Manufacturer standard warranty is 30 days)
  • No Call-Out Charges for Emergency Calls
  • No Travel Charges for Emergency Calls
  • No Labour Charges (Includes all-time on-site under normal contract conditions)
  • 2 Preventative Maintenance visits per annum
  • Call out priority given to customers on an agreement (Contracts will take precedence over an Ad-Hoc call out)
  • Unlimited Emergency Call Outs – Within reason, Excludes intentional damage
  • Free Technical Advice on how to set up machinery or complete certain tasks


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