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Ream Cutters

GrafCut Guillotine G73H

  • Fully Hydraulic Version of the G73
  • Flagship Model in the Grafcut Guillotine Range
  • Designed for the Most Demanding Environments
  • Hydraulic Operation Equals More Cutting Power & Less Moving Parts
  • Hydraulic Operation of Blade & Clamp (Powered on Cut and Return Movement)
  • Hydraulically Adjustable Clamping Pressure
  • Servo Motor Driven Back Gauge for Highest Levels of Precision & Speed
  • Larger Cutting Capacity up to 100mm Stack Heights
  • 175mm Colour Touch Screen Controller with Grafcut Own Software
  • Fully programmable with up to 100 Programs
  • Programs can all be Given Full Names Via Pop-Up QWERTY Keyboard
  • Business Card Cutting Function
  • Cut & Save Program Function – Follows your Cutting Positions & Enters Program for you
  • Removable False Clamp Plate
  • Programmable Air Table
  • Intelligent IR Safety System
  • Foot Treadle for Pre-Clamping of Difficult or Awkward Stocks Such as Booklets
  • Effortless Cutting with True Electronic Twin Trigger Activation
  • Automatic Blade & Clamp Return from Every Position (Latest EN Standard Compliance)
  • Red LED Cut Line Indication
  • White LED Table Illumination
  • Stainless Steel Working Table with Optional Side Table Extensions
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Fully Manufactured in the EU to the Highest Possible Standards
  • Perfect for Higher Education & Universities, Large Corporate Print Rooms, Medium to Large Digital Printers
  • 2 Year Warranty on All GrafCut Models (AfterPrint Exclusive Offer)
  • Alliance Package Included (See Tab Below for Details)
  • Call or Click Enquire to Request an Official Quotation
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Demonstration Video


Blade Change Procedure

Technical Overview Video

Alliance Package Included


About the Grafcut Guillotine G73

The Grafcut G73H is the flagship of the Grafcut range. A fully configured professional guillotine, capable of handling all types of work up to B2 in format. Full hydraulically powered operation of both the knife and clamp ensure effortless cutting performance. Even on the most difficult stock, whilst the adjustable clamping pressures ensure even delicate media is handled without fuss. A programmable Air Table eases the movement of the stack into position by blowing air through the stainless steel bed. Optional side tables allow stacks to be positioned to increase throughput. Open framework with raised IR Safety Curtains allow for easy removal of paper waste into a waste hopper or recycle bin.

An Integrated 175mm Colour Touch Screen Controller incorporating operator prompts and a pop-up qwerty keyboard makes for easy and smooth operation. The servo-driven, high speed, fully programmable back gauge moves between cut positions in seconds, optical cutting indication via a clear RED Laser Emitter and electronically controlled paper push function with manual fine positioning, all make the Grafcut G73H an exceptionally highly productive package.

Safety is assured thanks to the IR Safety Curtain technology from SICK and true two handed operation via a SICK Safety Controller. Error messaging, adjustable side lay guides and the market leading safety functions further enhance the guillotines appeal as a production machine.

Why Grafcut?

Grafcut Guillotines integrate cutting edge technology with state of the art electronic componentry with the incorporation of Delta PLC Controllers, SICK Safety Systems & Omron Electronics, all of which are compliant to the very latest developments in EN Standards and CE Compliance.

All models incorporate an intuitive colour touch screen display with pop-up qwerty keyboard for descriptive naming of stored work, a self-diagnostic system to pin points any faults, eject functions, pre-clamping modes and adjustable clamping pressures to offer an efficient and accurate operation ensuring that the guillotine is not a business bottleneck.

This is all backed up by a Market Leading 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

5 Reasons to Buy a Grafcut G73H

  • Servo Motor Driven Back Gauge – Higher Precision & Greater Speed
  • Cuts up to SRA1 in Half which Reduces your Inbound Paper Costs
  • Programmable Air Table Aids Paper Handling & Eases Burden on Operators
  • Very Few Moving Parts, Greater Longevity of Service
  • Descriptive Naming of Stored Work Makes for Easy Recall

Typical Applications

  • Business cards
  • Stationery
  • Leaflets
  • Menus
  • Flyers
  • Labels
  • Posters
  • Delicate paper stocks and digital print
  • Cutting sheets to desired size
  • Cutting books up to 100 mm thick
  • Trimming spines for scanning
  • Trimming Larger Sheet Sizes up to B2 in Format
  • Maximum Cut Width – 730 mm
  • Maximum Cut Depth (Size behind the blade) – 730 mm
  • Maximum Cut Height – 100 mm
  • Minimum Cut Size (Without False Clamp Plate Installed) – 25 mm
  • Minimum Cut Size (With False Clamp Plate Installed) – 50 mm
  • Programmable Air Table – YES
  • Cutting Accuracy – 0.1mm
  • Cycling Speed – 6-8 Cuts per Minute
  • Production Capacity – Up to 10+ Hours Daily
  • Programmable – Yes with 100 Programs
  • Program Storage – Full Character Naming via Integrated Qwerty Keyboard
  • Cut Positions in Each Program – 100
  • Blade Type – Super High Speed Steel Only (18% Tungsten)
  • Blade Drive – Fully Hydraulic (Cutting & Return Actions are Powered Hydraulically)
  • Clamp Drive – Fully Hydraulic with Adjustable Pressure from 370 to 1,740 PSI
  • Back Gauge Drive – Servo Motor (Higher Speed & Instantly Accurate After Movement)
  • Blade Positioning – Proximity Sensors
  • Clamp Positioning – Proximity Sensors
  • Back Gauge Measurement – Proximity Sensor Registration – PLC Controlled Servo Motor
  • Safety Curtain – Type 4 SICK Infrared Safety Curtain
  • Software – Grafcut Own Software
  • Power Requirements – 415Vac 30 Amp
  • Power Usage – 3.8 KW/h Under Full Load
  • Net Weight – 715Kgs
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 1,460 x 1,105 x 1,755mm (With Side Tables Width = 1,855mm)

Introducing our Alliance Package, our support does not cease once we make the sale or agree on a deal. At AfterPrint Ltd we are unique; our aim is to develop long term business relationships that ensure you return to buy again when the time comes.

To ensure we are offering the most comprehensive package around all our Grafcut Guillotines come complete with our unique Alliance Service Package. This package ensures your new purchase is taken care of correctly from day 1 and throughout your ownership of the product, to do this we include:


  • A Pre-Delivery Inspection is conducted on every machine prior to shipment
  • A site survey will be conducted prior to shipping to ensure the delivery goes smoothly
  • Specialist instrument logistics companies with freight insurance are used for delivery
  • All deliveries are completed with Tail-Lift equipped vehicles & a minimum two-person team
  • Customers are offered suitable timed delivery slots with a 2 Hour delivery window


  • Our Installation Team will arrive at an agreed time to complete the installation (Normally on the same day as the delivery unless otherwise specified)
  • The installation team will complete a thorough check of all processes and operations of the machine against the PDI checklist
  • If the machine has been split into smaller components for delivery, the installation team will re-build the machine onsite
  • Standard installation is ground floor with direct access, splitting the machine and re-building will not incur extra charges
  • Installations required on upper floors will require lift access or extra charges will be incurred. All charges will be made clear and agreed upon before the installation date.


  • Training will be conducted by our trained and certified Guillotine Training Team
  • Training includes Best Working Practices for Safe Operation, General Operation, Job Programming as well as Blade Change Procedures if required
  • All trained operatives will be issued with an official training certificate from our Certified Trainers (Certificates are created and posted within 7-10 days of training completion)
  • Training is completed in small groups of up to three people maximum
  • Training is normally completed on the same day as the installation

12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

  • Manufacturer Warranty on all parts from the date of installation*
  • Warranties cover parts only, They do not include labour or engineer support**

12 Month Alliance Service Package

  • 20% Discount on All Parts (Discount will be taken from Standard UK Sales Price of each Part)
  • Direct Technical Team Access – Designed to speed up the Resolution Process
  • Guaranteed next day appointment for an engineer to be onsite
  • If parts are identified as needed at the initial call stage, parts will be dispatched that day – The engineer can then arrive on-site and fit the parts to complete the repair
  • 3 Month Warranty on all parts we fit (Manufacturer standard warranty is 30 days)
  • No Call-Out Charges for Emergency Calls
  • No Travel Charges for Emergency Calls
  • No Labour Charges (Includes all-time on-site under normal contract conditions)
  • 2 Preventative Maintenance visits per annum (Includes HSE Tests & Certification x 2 for Guillotines)
  • 2 Guillotine Blade Re-Grinds – Blade re-grinds are completed on the removed blade at the point of service in readiness for the next visit in 6 Months (under normal conditions) – Extra blade re-grinds will be charged at £15.00 + VAT per grind.
  • Call out priority given to customers on an agreement (Contracts will take precedence over an Ad-Hoc call out)
  • Unlimited Emergency Call Outs – Within reason, excludes intentional damage
  • Nationwide Service Team Based at Strategic Points around the UK
  • Free Technical Advice on how to set up machinery or complete certain tasks

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